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Donie O’Sullivan the owner of Killarney Riding Stables in Co. Kerry. With just two horses, Donie O’Sullivan established Killarney Riding Stables, in Co Kerry in the 1960s. Today his stables are home to over 130 horses and his business caters to thousands of visitors from all over the world. Some come for a few hours to ride out in the stunning surrounds of the Killarney National Park and some come to spend up to seven days trail riding around Kerry.

This unique opportunity has fallen to Emily Vial from Donegal. At just 21 she has spent most of her life working with horses, she has just completed a degree in Equine Science and is determined to realise her dream of building a successful business based on her passion. Over the course of her time at Killarney Riding Stables Donie and his family will challenge her constantly to see if she has what it takes to make it in their line of business. Can Emily look after such a large number of horses, deal with customers of all skill levels and nationalities, manage ride-outs through the national park and take command of a group on a trail ride around the ring of Kerry?

Killarney Horse Riding Stables – RTÉ Television – The Master’s Apprentice (Part 3)

Killarney Riding Stables – RTÉ Television – The Master’s Apprentice (Part 4))

CNN News International report on horse holidays & vacations in Ireland and focus on Killarney Riding Stables and their horse rides in Killarney National Park & the Ring of Kerry Horse Trail Ride.